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Zok Ked is a Wilder, known as a Berserker, of the northern lands of the Great Forest. Known as the River Savior, Zok Ked was an almost super natural presence in the area around the Two Rivers, for mysteriously appearing to save tribesfolk in their most direst circumstances while traveling the Great Forest.


Zok Ked is a powerful force of nature. He slinks when he walks, but his wide body brushes all things aside. He is a Wilder, and as such exhibits many of the mutations that accompany that status. His eyes are separately colored, and he bears long fangs. His body is lean, but his musculature is more than human. He posses all of the characteristics of a Wilder, including enhanced sense and super human strength.

Zok Ked struggles to talk, and when he does, his voice is broken and harsh. His name is clearly not his original name, but is what he refers to as himself when prodded.


Zok Ked's origins are completely unknown and forgotten to time. Such is the story of most Wilders. It is known that at one time, he was a normal tribesfolk, but now, he is the leader of a Wilder pack that roams the northern part of the Great Forest.

Zok Ked began to appear to the local tribesfolk as a savior and super hero of sorts. Many villagers would return home, badly injured and shaken, with stories of being attacked by monsters of the forest only to be saved at the last moment by a mysterious Wilder with immense strength. Zok Ked would use his heightened senses to detect nearby villagers in danger and leap from the underbrush to attack whatever monster had beset them. There are even stories where Zok Ked would engage beasts with his bare hands, felling them brutally by viscerally tearing off limbs, jaws, and heads. Some stories even say that Zok Ked would bite into the throat of the beasts to end them.

Through these actions, the stories of Zok Ked grew into legend, and he became known as the River Savior. It is said that Zok Ked has saved the lives of hundreds of villagers over the years.

In 1 AF, during the Legend of the Dark Shaman, Zok Ked once again appeared to save the lives of the villagers of the north. During the final battle with the Dark Shaman, Zok Ked and his pack arrived mysteriously to save the lives of Aranthar Vari and Arzela Hemon and helped them kill the Dark Shaman.