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Known as the Grinning Tyrant, Zhuan Zedong is a powerful and malicious commander of Cabal and demonic forces hailing out of the Dead Lands. So named the Grinning Tyrants for reportedly cutting the throats of people during mass executions, the wound said to resemble a bloody grin.


Zhuan Zedong is an embodiment of evil and carnage. His pale skin and demonic eyes burn an everlasting visage, and the specially made armor that adorns him is inhumanly large and creates a state of fear to onlookers. He carries an enormous sword with a split blade, far too large and grotesque for a normal man, and he uses its giant cleaving weight as a butcher on the battlefield.

Prior to being dominated by The Reaper, Zhuan was a frail young man, but today, magic has caused his body to grow to an ethereal stature with inhuman musculature. His stark white hair is almost frozen in place, an unnatural immovability to it.

Zhuan is ruthless, blood thirsty, and cunning. He seeks raw destruction and leads an army of the Cabal, made up of tortured humans, magical constructs, and mutated monsters. He has clashed with Lanagaran forces on many battlefields, leaving nothing but defeated armies, burning villages, and piles of dead in his wake. When he speaks, his words and demeanor are always meant to intimidate and strike a deep fear into any who listen. His voice is cold and crackles with magic.


Zhuan was born the frail son of a diplomat for the county of Kastu-lan in The Republic. He was sickly as a child, with a weak body which was prone to injury. As he spent a large portion of his time, bed ridden due to illness or injury, he devoted himself to study and academics. As her grew older, it was discovered that Zhuan was somewhat of a child genius, learning to read by the age of 3, studying advanced mathematics and scholarship by age 8, and assuming the role of a business owner by age 12. His father, unsure of what to do with such a talented son with such a frail body, decided to introduce him to the world of Republic politics. Zhuan took a liking to it, and slowly began acquiring fame for his political dealings and business sense as he aged. His intellect proved invaluable in this regard, and many of the county of Katsu-lan began to visit the young genius for his opinions and advice on business matters.

In his early twenties, Zhuan was appointed as a lieutenant governor of Katsu-lan. This was shortly before the Cataclsym. It was due to this station which put him in Konagara on the night of the Cataclsym, attending the millennium celebration. When the Cataclsym struck, Zhuan was overcome with Reaper Energy, which mixed virulently with the stores of magic energy in his body he had built up through the ingestion of many Spirits in order to stave of illness and injury to his body. The Reaper Energy poisoned his mind, turning him from a business and political genius into a blood thirsty general, bent on chaos and destruction. Using his natural intelligence and newfound magical powers, he corralled many demons of the Cataclsym into a war band, and his twisted mind told him that the first thing he must do is face down and kill his father.

Zhuan led his warband into Katsu-lan where he eventually arrived at his original town of birth. There, he burnt the town, mutilated or enslaved the townspeople and murdered his own father, mother, brother, and two sisters. For those who witnessed the slayings, it was noted that during executions, Zhuan took immense pleasure in slitting the throats of victims in such a wide ark as to make a wound that looked like a blood grin. Thus, his namesake was captured.

Since, Zhuan has been slowly amassing a larger and larger war band, leading raids into the nearby Lanagaran counties, killing and slaughtering his way across Indgar.