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Asahaba is a young Blood Mage of immense power, hailing from the city nation of Shuttuhepa in the Ramal Nations. Asahaba's control of blood magic is beyond understanding, and she herself cannot explain it but rather states that she feels her way through it. Asahaba is now the leader of the Blood Cults in Shuttuhepa, not so much for her wisdom which she greatly lacks, but because her power is awe inspiring and unmatched. Asahaba is the only Blood Mage in history who has developed a magic which can reverse the powerful disfigurements caused by long term ingestion of Blood Spirits.


Asahaba is a young woman, and leader of the Blood Cults in Shuttuhepa. In public, like all Blood Mages, she is adorned with the mask of the Blood Mages, to hide their identify from the citizens so as not to invite reprisal or otherwise bring wrath upon herself or her family. Her face mask is golden, a symbol of her station. She carries with her a long, sacrificial dagger, which she has named Darknoss, for reasons which she claims came to her in a vision. She swears that the blade is one of the tools which makes her magic powerful.

Asahaba is impetuous, young, and ambitious. Her style of leadership among the Blood Cults is barely leadership at all, and many of the older, wiser, mages actually control day to day matters in her stead. Asahaba is perfectly content with continuing to study and improve her own Blood Magic rather than leading the weaker mages, whom she often holds with arrogant contempt.

Asahaba is almost accompanied by her bodyguard, Little Snake.


Asahaba was the child of bread maker in Shuttuhepa. She spent her childhood, with two brothers, a sister, and her mother and father, in a small home within the city of Shuttuhepa. She was educated in the schools of Shuttuhepa, a public service as granted by the great Ramaltas of the city. As she grew up, she became interested in her father's business, and as a teen, she sought to travel to work with him everyday to learn his trade. She dreamed of owning her own bread business.

At the age of fifteen, while working to make bread, she accidentally cut herself, deeply with a knife. She screamed in pain, and her father rushed over to see what had happened. There was a pool of blood on the table on which she was working, but in the mere seconds it took for her father to rush to her aid, when he arrived, her hand was completely healed. Both Asahaba and her father were somewhat horrified by this, and sought out the council of the forbidden teachers of the local Blood Cults. The Blood Mages therein immediately recognized Asahaba as having powerful magic potential within her. They offered to tutor her in magic, but having no desire to join the ranks of the outcasts, she refused.

Years went by, and her abilities with magic began to grown naturally on their own. Asahaba could sense the power of magic, and she self taught to use her mind to conjure spells. The desire to be near magical presence eventually caused her to change her mind, and she left for the Blood Cults to learn about her powers.

Asahaba spent a few years with the Blood Cults, and it was recognized right away that her ability to infuse blood with magic was unparalleled. Even so young, she began to conjure unique and powerful blood magics, the one which brought her to fame being the regeneration potion so called the Restorative Blood. In service of the cult's Assassins, Asahaba was able to concoct a blood magic which could, overtime, reverse the mutative effects of Blood Spirits on the Blood Cult Assassins, causing their disfigurements to vanish. Immensely valuable to all the Blood Cults, Asahaba began creating the Restorative Blood spell in service of her cult, to which they grew wealthy and famous. It wasn't long before Asahaba recognized her worth and demanded a position of power in the cult, which they obliged.

Over time, Asahaba became obsessed with Blood Magic, striving to create even more powerful spells. Her fame and ambition created enemies for her among the Blood Cults. When she turned 20, a few mages attempted to have her assassinated. They sent two assassins for her, Blood Claw and Kheket's Sword. They infiltrated her cult, and at night, attempted to kill her in her sleep. However, her life was saved, when Little Snake, an assassin of her cult, had discovered the other assassins and intervened. She distracted the other assassins which awoke Asahaba, and she boiled the blood of her attackers with a vicious spell. In return, Asahaba used her magics to fully heal Little Snake of her disfigurements, and since, Little Snake and Asahaba have become life long friends with Little Snake acting as Asahaba's personal bodyguard and assassin.

Shortly after the assassination attempt, Asahaba was called upon by the Ramaltas of Shuttuhepa. She and Little Snake traveled to his palace, where they were informed that their services were needed against a great sand monster which has appeared shortly after the Cataclysm. The Ramaltas had sent his troops to deal with this unnatural beast, but none had returned. They needed the powerful magic of Asahaba. She was granted a retainer of Kasene, and she and Little Snake set out into the desert to hunt the beast. It was her that Asahaba and Little Snake both learned the ways of war from the Kasene in their charge.

After slaying the great monster, they returned to Shuttuhepa as heroes, and she became the leader of her cult. Since then, she has continued to delve even deeper into the dark magics of blood.