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The armies of Arkland bring skilled, professional training to the battlefield, something which no other force on Indagar has quite been able to match. Able to fight in formations and issue orders, soldiers of Arkland use these tactical tools to great battlefield effeect.

Army Special Rules[]

The Light’s Resolve: The Arkland player may convert any Skull rolled during Melee Combat into a Shield.

Military Genius: When choosing to discard Command Cards, the Arkland player instead puts the chosen discarded cards onto the bottom of his/her Command Card deck.

Battlefield Orders[]

As a trained military, Arkland soldiers are under the strict tactical command of their Sergeants, Officers, and Lord Commander. Some commanding Models have Orders in their Special Rules. They can use these to issue an Order to a Relaying Model. From there, the Relaying Model will relay that Order to the nearby troops. The Phase in which an Order is issued will be denoted in the Order.

Chain of Command Rule: Lord Commanders can issue Orders to Officers. Both Lord Commanders and Officers can issue orders to Sergeants.

Line of Sight For Orders Rule: The Command Model issuing the Order must be able to draw Line of Sight to the Relaying Model receiving the Order.

Leadership Rule: Only Models within 4 inches of a Relaying Model may be effected by an Order.

Single Order Rule: An Officer or Lord Commander can only issue one Order per Game Turn.

Self Relay Rule: Officers or Lord Commanders can issue Orders to themselves as both the Commanding and Relaying Model.

Not in Charge of Cavalry Rule: Sergeants cannot be selected as a Relay Model for Cavalry Orders.

Single Relay Rule: A Relaying Model may only receive on Order per Phase.

Required Troops to Relay Rule: To issue an Order to a Relaying Model, there must be at least 1 Infantry or Cavalry Group Model which is eligible to and will also use the Order in addition to the Relaying Model.

Arkland Shooting Response (Iron Will of Arkland):

For each Model in a Target DUF which has not used the Seek Cover response, killed by a Shooting Attack, roll a Black Die. If the number of Tactical rolled is less than or equal to the remaining Models in the Target DUF, the remaining Models in the Target DUF may immediately make a Move Action up to 5 inches.

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