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The Kingdom of Arkland is a country built around the Arkland Peninsula which has rose to considerable power through its powerful navy and trade. A people of familial wealth, Arkland has always maintained an army of professional soldiers, drilled and trained from a young age into a life-long martial service. Rising through the ranks from a Warrior of the Realm to a Lord Commander, powerful leaders march the armies of Arkland to war. As a rich nation, the trained army of Arkland is famed for its gleaming armor and fine steel weapons.

With trained soldiers, the armies of Arkland march to war utilizing the greater tactical ability that comes with structured command and troops. They have trained to fight in ranks for greater benefit. They have also trained to obey the commands of their commanders for greater battlefield efficiency. In short, Arkland is the best trained, best equipped, professional army on all of Indagar and looks and fight as if a medieval force.

Further, over Arkland's history, in an old time of peace with the Stars of Ixohtl, Arkland has managed to begin breeding war horses. The well armed and armored cavalry of Arkland are the most feared soldiers on all of Indagar.

And then there is the Light of Arkland, a religious decree that saw the rise of the Holy Order. Priests of Light and Paladins are trained users of Light Magic combining the powers of this holy magic with trained martial skill and fine Arkland steel.

Introduction to Play Style[]

The army of Arkland is comprised of elite, well-equipped, and superbly trained, professional soldiers. This means that the average warrior in an army of Arkland is tougher and more skilled than their counterparts. As a result, Arkland armies are smaller than most but their individual Models often deliver in much bigger ways. Dressed in heavy armor, the foot soldiers of Arkland are slow, but they are powerful. Arkland also equips archers, something which is rare in Indagar and thereby has access to some powerful ranged combatants whose use of pinning techniques deliver a powerful combo to slow down the enemy or simply strike them down.

With a heavy influence around a trained military, the armies of Arkland function best in combinations with other Models. High ranking Models such as the Lord Commander, Officer, and Sergeant provide an abundance of special rules which assist lower ranking Models. You are able to mix and match their command rules, their ability to issue battlefield orders, and their own powerful strikes to augment and bolster the army. Priests of Light and Paladins also provide significant buffs for speed and survival, all helping to offset weaknesses while providing tactical depth. It is also through these combinations that Arkland boasts some of the toughest armies in the world, able to shield their own Models from harm in a variety of ways causing the enemy to break upon them like waves. Arkland's command tokens offer powerful tricks, allowing bursts of speed and even causing their Models to become invincible while defending an area.

Lastly, the powerful Cavalry of Arkland is to be feared. When the Cavalry teams up with higher ranking Models, they can form a fearsome battle force which can trounce the enemy as it thunders across the battlefield. These Models, although expensive to field, can strike fear into your opponent and force his hand.

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