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Originally, Arkland was a settlement of what is now the Kingdom of Grandia. During that time, the people on the continent of Montilliare were divided and not united under a single nation. A great famine drove much of a generation to sea in search of a better life, and established within them a sense of unity that went beyond individual kingdoms, although it would not come to its fullest manifestation for some time.

As a settlement of Montilliare, Arkland continued to maintain strong relations with its homeland. During the centuries to follow, settlers from Montilliare frequently made the voyage to Arkland to establish a new life. As Arkland grew more rich and powerful, many from Montilliare saw traveling to Arkland as a way to establish a new life for themselves. This sharing of cultures continued until the Kingdom of Grandia was established.

Kingdom of Grandia[]

The Kingdom of Grandia arose from the conquest and vassalization of all Montilliare. This transition occurred during the late 2nd and early 3rd century AF. Once cordial relations between the closely linked peoples of Arkland and Montilliare began to dramatically change. The Kingdom of Grandia saw Arkland not as a sister state, but as part of the Republic. They began to treat Arkland like a foreign nation, establishing an embassy, codifying trade laws, and enforcing other formalities which until that time had been limited.

These actions put a major strain on ties between Arkland and its homeland. Once the War of Kings erupted, it was clear that the Kingdom of Arkland and the Kingdom of Grandia had grown farther apart than ever before. Even after the war ended, relations between these two nations has remained cool, if civil. Even so, the common people of both Arkland and Grandia still share similarities of culture and appearance that endure to this day. Although the nations have grown apart on a formal level, their peoples are still closely linked.


In the present time, ties between Arkland and Grandia are peaceful and relatively cordial. It has been over one thousand years since the founding of Arkland, and only old stories tell of the time before its independence. With the fall of the Republic, Arkland has become the richest and most powerful of the nations on Indagar. In its time of plenty, Arkland has reached out to the Kingdom of Grandia, seeking to ensure the ties of diplomacy still bond them. Although powerful, it is doubtful that Arkland alone is a match for the Kingdom of Grandia militarily, but the work of diplomats on both sides keep thoughts of war distant from the minds of either nation's leaders.

Arkland hopes to make its ties with Grandia help it in the future. As an ally, Grandia would make Arkland very powerful, perhaps strong enough that no power on Indagar would be able to stand up to them.

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