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Ariane Allamond is a powerful Paladin of the Priests of Light in service to the Light of Arkland. Known as Our Lady of the Flame, she is said to be the most powerful magic user to ever grace the ranks of Paladins. This is a matter of honor of country as it wasn't until recently that Arkland's citizens began to gain some control of Magic.


Ariane is a fierce woman who commands utmost respect. Her demeanor is overtly direct, and her powerful voice commands across a battlefield. She is a fearless and resolute warrior who believes that she is doing the work of the Goddess in service of the light.

Ariane takes immaculate care of her armor as it is always gleaming and polished. Her presence while on horseback, combined with her disdainful look at all who are beneath her, shatters the will of powerful men. Her chosen weapon is the mace and she uses a polished shield for defense. But, those are not her primary armaments, as her command over the fire of Light Magic is her best weapon.

Ariane is an undefeated champion of Arkland, and she knows it.


Ariane grew up the daughter of a school teacher. At age 8, she discovered both the blessing and the curse of Light Magic as when at school, she was under threat by bullies, accidentally exuded the power of the flame, severely burning and disfiguring the boys who were attacking her. Once it was discovered that magic user was in their town, the Priests of Light were called to collect Ariane, and she has not seen her home sense.

Ariane showed instant promise in martial skills, and she was entered into the order of Paladins. The training of the Priests and Paladins instilled in her a sense of undying pride, with an edge of arrogance, that she continues to carry with her. While becoming a Paladin, it was discovered that Ariane's control over Light Magic was absolute. Soon, many of her peers would refuse to duel her anymore for fear of being burned by the immense power she could wield in battle. Ariane became a novelty among Paladins after that, and many a would-be hero would challenge her to a duel only to be defeated.

Ariane was marched around Arkland after that, a symbol of the power of the faith. Commoners would come from far and wide to witness the bedazzling light shows that Ariane could produce as well as the raw fury of her fire. She became a national treasure and was bestowed the name "Our Lady of the Flame."

Ariane was also a force on the battlefield, able to scorch a way through the lines of enemy soldiers before her. It is said that while on the battlefield, you can always find her for the glowing light that surrounds her as she fells foes by the dozen.