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Arch Rock is an area of the Sand Seas around a day's journey from Tushratta. It is so named because of a solitary, giant, arching red rock formation that protrudes from the desert there. Notably, Arch Rock is believed to be a source of magic, similar to The Well. The pull of magic around it is strong, and many magic users who have been drawn to the area have hopelessly searched for the source. When arriving in the area, the pull of magic seems come from all around, confusing magic users and impeding their ability to directly locate the source.

Local legend has long held that the source of this magic is buried underground somewhere in Arch Rock. Many expeditions have been launched to try to discover it, some even digging huge holes into the desert floor. So far, none have located it.

The sands surrounding Arch Rock are particularly useful in Blood Sands Thaumaturgy, perhaps because the sands are somehow fused or transformed by the magic in the area. A thriving black market exists which collects sands from the area and offers them for sale all over the Ramal Nations.

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