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Battle of Red Sun[]

Battle Condition: Synchronous

Description: Two mighty armies push towards each other and attempt to annihilate one another.

Deployment Zone: Both players may deploy within 12 inches of their own Table Edge. Models may be placed in Reserve as normal.

Night Time: This Battle uses the rules for Night Time.

Game Turns: 6

Battle Type: Carnage

Victory Conditions[]

The player who has the most points at the end of the game wins. If players control the same amount, the game is a draw.

Control Points[]

Place 3 Control Points in a line across the center of the board (left to right), evenly spaced between each other and the board edges. (This creates a line with one Control Point in the center of the board and the other two to its left and right)


During the Upkeep:Start Phase of the first Game Turn, the Control Point in the center of the table is worth a point. Once that Control Point is Interacted with (either as a Special Action or Tactical Objective), that Control Point is no longer worth any points, and the player who Interacted with it earns a point towards victory. During the Resolve: End Phase of the same Game Turn in which a Control Point is Interacted with, randomly determine a different Control Point from the one which was previously worth a [oint. This could be a Control Point which was worth a point previously in the game, just not the Control Point that was scored during that Game Turn. This newly selected Control Point is now worth a point. Continue doing this, scoring and selecting new Control Points as previous Control Points are scored, until the end of the game.

Sudden Death[]

If during the Resolve: End Phase, either player has 3 more points than their opponent, the game immediately ends in their favor.

Battle of Red Sun Lore[]

The Battle of Red Sun to this day is still the most studied and simultaneously reviled battle in all of Arkland’s history. During the Third War of the Stars, in 30 BF, the armies of the King had pushed the Stars of Ixohtl from the Bay of Kings all the way to the foot of the Spine. The war had been raging for over nineteen years, with the Arkland having clawed its way back from certain defeat at the gates of King’s Crossing and having, through military genius, sheer determination, and the power of Spirits, driven the Stars to the brink of utter defeat. According to the legends of the Stars of Ixothl, in their time of most dire need, the sun would burn red in the sky, and on that day, they would receive the blessings of Gods, using them to crush their enemies and save their people. And so it was that on the day of what was to be the moment of a grand Arkland victory, the sun did indeed turn a hue of red, casting a pale, red, glow across the fields of battle that the Stars of Ixohtl had chosen to make their last stand.

Undisturbed and unaware of what the red sun would mean to the Stars of Ixohtl, the combined military council of Lord Commanders of the King’s Army mustered their forces for what they believed would become a complete route of the last of the armies of the Stars. The bulk of the line of the Arkland forces, comprised of well armored foot infantry formed ranks and marched forward, full of confidence that they would soon see an end to the nearly two decade war. In this time, the famed Heavy Cavalry of Arkland had yet to be established, and the primary means by which Arkland commanders would engage the mostly horseback warriors of the Stars was with long pikes and disciplined ranks. Warriors equipped with large shields would protect the pike lines from arrow attacks while they advanced, forcing the Stars to give up the field or die in failed charges against the Arkland lines.

They took the center of the field, marching steadily towards the lines of the Stars, as they had done previously, but rather than facing down a hail of arrows and an otherwise petrified enemy too afraid to charge, they instead found a war host which was emboldened, amassed, and howling with ferocity. On the morning, when the sun had first started to bathe the land in a red hue, the warriors of the Stars had painted their faces with the symbols of their tribes, in preparation for the final battle, and now, under the odd glow of the sun, it appeared as if blood had been wiped across their cheeks. The Stars of Ixohtl, rather than falling back on their preferred tactics of missle fire, instead had traded in their bows for mauls, clubs, spikes, chains, and any other brutal implements they could find. As the first Arkland warrior stepped over the center of the battlefield, an enormous cavalry charge took place, the thundering of which literally knocked Arkland soldiers from their feet as the ground shook.

The battle was the bloodiest of the war. The Stars first charged the left flank of the Arkland line, beating it back, before retreating to regroup for yet another charge on their right flank. This repeated charging, fighting, retreat, and re-charge was especially devastating for both sides as losses began to mount. Slowly, the Arkland line began to crumble and give ground, with the forces of the Stars driving holes in the lines and forcing the Arkland soldiers off key strategic points of the field of battle.

This lasted for the day, and as the sun began to set, the red hue disappearing from the sky, the forces of Arkland were forced into a full retreat, a retreat which would not stop until they had nearly reached the gates of King’s Crossing.

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